Tibi ipsi esto fidelis
‘To thine own self be true’

These are the judgements which shall be set before thee who had escaped from the house of bondage and became a son of the free woman.

  1. Defend firmly what thou keep holy, though the world perish.
  2. Keep all foundations of thy decisions in thyself: for no authorities are at higher rank than thee.
  3. Thy life shall be led only on thy free will.
  4. Obey only thy belief instead of stereotypes and prejudices of philistines.
  5. The truth is, first and foremost, something to be pursued at all costs.
  6. Thou shalt not admit anything but what is confirmed by thyself
  7. Thou shalt be honest to thyself.
  8. Remember that learning makes a human being of a man.
  9. Slavery and ignorance are the most detestable things.
  10. If thou violate these judgements, thou shalt be in fetters forever.