Honi soit qui mal y pense.
(Shame upon him who thinks evil of it.)

— Edward III

Regardless of what period and where from, there are only two tribes in our spicies: the one living along with desire, and the others along with duty. In language of Schopenhauer, the one is living along with ‘will to live’, the other along with intellect and spirit; in language of Ortega, ‘the masses’ and the noble. The former is the great majority of this world, and the latter is exceptional.

The masses, the majority of the world, abandon independency, depend on each other, hate every effort, form factions, grovel, do not have any brief, cheat, employ sophistry, attempt to argue somebody into silence instead of pursuing the truth, make nonsensical judgement, do not use their brains, think like others, take delight like others—and detest and apply ‘apartheid’ to someone who are not like others. These are the principles of their lives.

As ‘a son of the free woman’, I have sufficient right to impeach their actions. If they were addicted to pleasure within their territory of philistine, I could not avoid the pungent criticism from Nietzsche. But the fact is different: they are shameless intruders, who trespass on and limit thought of the freemen, and moreover, encroach on the art, which is sophistication of the freemen, and deform it as they like. Since they invade our territory and commit outrage, I cannot help leaving them alive. This site takes up their barbarism one by one, and will become a huge guillotine for the masses scattering vices.

On the other hand, I make this site public with the expectation that the minority of honest and noble people pursuing the truth should notice my words. Until then, I will stay composed and accept my lot of being regarded as heresy, ignored completely, or considered as even an enemy of all mankind—because I am convinced that it will be remedied only who awake from doze of deception and success to grasp the plain scene of the universe.

Nagoya, February 2015
Takeo Tamashiro