I have launched the Latin language website Liberae Filius. This is my flagship website and for publishing my philosophical thought covering every discipline. Here is the English translation of the preface of the site.

Was du geschlagen, zu Gott wird es dich tragen!
(That for which you strike, to God will it lead you!)

— Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 2

As a Delphic oracle ‘γνῶθι σαυτόν (Know thyself)’ represents, my own self is the medium which shows me the universe. And human beings have the great quality that they can sublimate the shown scenery into idea. Therefore, expressing the idea in some form is the duty only for human beings, and the fruits of expression are nothing but the proof of existence of human beings. All of which this site shows are the panorama and the nature of the universe, and the fundamental truth of everything.

The reason why this website is written in Latin is two following. First, Latin is one of the well-maintained language in grammar and expression. This feature prevents my opinion from being distorted by language deformation and enable me to express my thoughts accurately. In reverse, it can also be expected that limpid Latin language makes my thoughts clearer. Second, Latin is a classical language. This means that this language will not be transformed by modern people and is able to preserve my words for a long period. By these advantages of Latin, my thought will appear upon this site in the most sophisticated and durable shape.

Mental effort requiring intelligence gives us less fruits than burdens. This attempt, however, promises my philosophy based upon the truth will go beyond ages and endure by future generations. So then, let us begin the exploration for the truth.

Nagoya, June 2015
Takeo Tamashiro